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Registration Form: Fall 2004

Education for Service as Christians Since 1920
Deadline for Fall 2004 late registration is October 5. After this date, you may still register for Independent Study courses at Belleview.
    You may use the form below to register for on-campus courses for Fall 2004. Registration for courses does not confer or imply admission to any degree program, which requires completion of a separate application process.
    Tuition is $100 per semester hour; the typical course of 3 semester hours costs $300 in tuition. Books are additional. You may pay your tuition and fees in three installments if desired. Course schedule in printable format (soon)
    When we receive your registration, we will e-mail you with a confirmation. Textbook information .

Name (First; Last):
If you have been enrolled in the most recent semester, you need not complete the remaining identifying information unless there has been a change. Scroll directly down to the course selection.
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Click to highlight the course you want to register for. To register for more than one course, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each chosen course.
Check your preference: Credit or non-credit
College credit ($100 per unit) Non-credit (audit) ($50 per unit)
Your registration is not complete until you click on the Submit button! Enter Comments or Questions Here:

After you submit your registration, you will have the option to return here. At that time, to pay by credit card through the PayPal system, click on the appropriate (credit or non-credit) button to the right.. Enter the number of units you are paying for.  Units for college credit 

Units for non-credit 


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