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Hurricane Floyd Devastates Pillar of Fire International Headquarters

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Friday, September 17, 1999
Pillar of Fire International Headquarters at Zarephath in Somerset, New Jersey, lies on the Raritan River, which was reported to have crested at ten feet above its banks following more than ten inches of rain brought in by Hurricane Floyd. The main campus, including Zarephath Bible Institute, Zarephath Community Chapel, and WAWZ Christian Radio, was under seven feet of water and by Friday morning was under 100% evacuation. Temple Christian Day School, the Pillar of Fire elementary school, is located in nearby Bound Brook, which was inundated by the out-of-banks river.
To the best of our knowledge there have been no injuries or loss of life on our campus consequent to this devastating flood. However, the property damage, both to the church organization and to the personal belongings of the many staff members who live on campus, is expected to total many hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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